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Ab Samjhauta Nahi-two day workshop on 6th and 7th August, 2019 at Centre of Food Technology

A two day workshop was conducted on 6th and 7th August at Centre of Food Technology, Institute of Professional Studies by ITC Vivel on # Ab Samjhauta Nahi. The workshop was conducted in four sessions and attended by more than 350 students of Centre of Computer Education, Fashion Design and Technology, Media Studies & Centre of Food Technology. The sessions were conducted by Ms. Richa from Josh Talks, New Delhi where she discussed different constitutional rights, some landmark judicial decisions, recent amendments, cyber safety, child protection laws, third gender rights, rights for men and women including domestic abuse, sexual harassment, gender biasness and parental property etc. The students were sensitized on these issues through videos and enactment of such situations by volunteers.

Ab Samjhauta Nahi Ab Samjhauta Nahi Ab Samjhauta Nahi
Ab Samjhauta Nahi Ab Samjhauta Nahi Ab Samjhauta Nahi

"Fashion exhibition- Reflection 2018" at Centre of Fashion Design and Technology. Click to View Details

National Nutrition Week (September 1 - 7, 2018)

National Nutrion Week

The Centre of Food Technology and Association of Food Scientists & Technologists of India AFST(I) Allahabad Chapter celebrated the National Nutrition Week on 7th September 2018 supporting the Eat Right initiative of FSSAI, to promote safe and healthy food, through voluntarily reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat in packaged food products. The theme of the event was the tag line of the campaign "Aaj se thoda kam". The details of the events are mentioned below.

"Nukkad Naatika Pratiyogita" - A Short skit on Nutrition awareness based on focal theme of "Aaj se thoda kum" was organised in the forenoon of 7th September 2018. The aim of the play had to impart knowledge regarding good food practices and nutrition education to a crowd to propagate nutrition awareness to layman. Six groups participated in the event. Prof. Neelam Yadav, Director, IPS, UoA was present to encourage the students. Dr. Dhanajay Chopra, Course Coordinator, Centre of Media Studies and Dr. Kamini Mittal, CFT judged the creative talent of the students. Students of B.Voc Sem I bagged the first prize while the second prize was won by B.Voc Students of IIIrd semester.

"Poster Competition"was organized in the afternoon session of 7th September where the students had to prepare a Poster along with a caption on the theme of "Eat Right initiative". Thirteen teams participated in this event. The competition was judged by Prof. Ajay Jaitely, Head, Dept. of Visual Arts, University of Allahabad, Prof. Neelam Yadav, Director, IPS, UoA and Dr. Pinki Saini, Secretary AFSTI Allahabad Chapter. The first prize was won by students of B.voc Ist Sem while IInd and IIIrd prizes were bagged by students of B.voc IIIrd sem.

The event ended with a prize distribution ceremony. Dr. Pinki Saini, Secretary, Dr. Rahul Agarwal Treasurer, Dr. Vinita Puranik, Dr. Devinder Kaur, LEC members of AFSTI Allahabad Chapter, and other faculty members of the Centre were present during the event. The events were organized and conducted by Dr. Pinki Saini and Dr. Vinita Puranik.

National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week
National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week National Nutrion Week

IPS (Centre of Food Technology) New Building Inaugurated by West Bengal Governor
Sri Keshari Nath Tripathi , on 22nd March, 2016.
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"Aquatica" Exhibition-Cum-Sale at Centre of Fashion Design and Technology. Click to View Details
MAYA - Fashion Exhibition 22-25 February 2015 Click to View Details


The students and faculty of Institute of Professional Studies, University of Allahabad had organized the Finals of Debate Competition on 21st November' 2017 under the banner of Debate club.

This initiative has been taken by the soft skill trainers of the institute to encourage students and motivate them to enhance their public speaking skills and also their general knowledge.

The topic of the debate competition was "Are Gandhi's teachings relevant to the challenges of Modern India"? The debate was conducted in English as well as Hindi language. There were in all 12 competitors from all the centers, Media Studies, Food Technology, Computer Education, and Fashion Design of IPS.

The judges for the event were Prof. V.K. Rai, Dept of Political Science, Prof. Neelum Saran Gour, Dept. of English, University of Allahabad. The inaugural address was given by Prof. Neelam Yadav, Director, IPS, UoA in which she congratulated the students for their hard work and efforts. Followed by a classical dance performance by Ms. Bhavya Kohli, Centre of Fashion Design & Technology. In the end, the judges also appreciated the zeal and passion of the students to organize the event along with the efforts of the staff.

The winners who bagged prizes for the event:

  • Best Speaker English - Mr. Shivam Mishra, Centre of Media Studies
  • Best Speaker Hindi - Mr. Ujjwal Srivastava, Centre of Media Studies
  • Runner up English - Ms. Alisha Khan, Centre of Media Studies
  • Runner up Hindi - Ms. Neha Taslim Fatima, Centre of Food Technology
  • Best Interjector - Ms. Prachi Bajpai, Centre of Media Studies
The event was coordinated by the soft skill trainers Priyanka Mishra, Gunjan Varshney & Sehar Siddiqui. Amongst the guests present during the event were Prof. S. M. Prasad, Dr Jaya Kapoor, Dr Saleha Rasheed, Samina Naqvi, Dr Neetu Mishra, Dr Pinki Saini, Dr. Vineeta Puranik, Ms. Mitali, Dr. Srishti Purwar, Shalini Singh and Suchitra Tripathi.

Debate Debate Debate

Santoor Vadan by Pt. Bajhan Sopori, on 8th October, 2015


Mohan Veena Vadan : Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatta, Grammy Award Winner (7th September, 2015)

Cultural Cultural Cultural


Kabir Gayan
Kabir Gayan Kabir Gayan Kabir Gayan

National Workshop on SCIENCE FILMS 27-28 March 2015


Cultural Event 18-19 March 2015

Cultural Event Cultural Event
Cultural Event Cultural Event
Cultural Event Cultural Event

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