New paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing" 8th April 2017

Centre of Computer Education, Institute of Professional Studies has organized a day-long Seminar on the topic "New Paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing" on April 8, 2017. The speaker Prof. David Eduardo Pinto from BUAP, Mexico apprised the audience about new paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing.

In a very lucid manner he explained to the audience that how the concept of inverted file, hash table, classification and clustering can be applied for information retrieval, which is a big challenge in the world of information explosion, the age of Big data. In the second session, with numerous examples Prof. Pinto tried to explain to the audience how AWK, which is a procedural, data driven scripting language, can be applied for information retrieval. Prof. Pinto also demonstrated the working environment at his place and the work that is being carried out in the field of Robotics and Virtual Reality at his place which broadened the horizon of the students in the audience and opened up the possible scope of work that can be carried out by them after graduating out from the University.

The seminar was attended by 110 participants from the University and Technical Institutions around Allahabad.

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