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2nd International Conference on "Advances in Computing, Control and Communication Technology"

21-23 September, 2018

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NATIONAL FOOD CONFERENCE (NFC-2018) February 9-10, 2018 Click to View Details
Two Days Training Programme on "IPR, GI and Organic Facilitation" on August 10-11, 2016
at Centre of Food Technology
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International Conference on "Advances in Computing, Control and Communication Technology"
was organized by Centre of Computer Education on 25-27 March,2016
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International Conference on "Food Processing and Development of Uttar Pradesh: Preparing a Roadmap;
with special reference to Eastern U.P." - 27th & 28th December, 2012
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Seminar on "New Paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing" held on April 8, 2017.

Centre of Computer Education, Institute of Professional Studies has organized a day-long Seminar on the topic "New Paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing" on April 8, 2017. The speaker Prof. David Eduardo Pinto from BUAP, Mexico apprised the audience about new paradigms based on Information Retrieval for Natural Language Processing.

In a very lucid manner he explained to the audience that how the concept of inverted file, hash table, classification and clustering can be applied for information retrieval, which is a big challenge in the world of information explosion, the age of Big data. In the second session, with numerous examples Prof. Pinto tried to explain to the audience how AWK, which is a procedural, data driven scripting language, can be applied for information retrieval. Prof. Pinto also demonstrated the working environment at his place and the work that is being carried out in the field of Robotics and Virtual Reality at his place which broadened the horizon of the students in the audience and opened up the possible scope of work that can be carried out by them after graduating out from the University.

The seminar was attended by 110 participants from the University and Technical Institutions around Allahabad.

Seminar on "Internet of Things" held on February 18, 2017

Centre of Computer Education, Institute of Professional Studies has organized a day-long Seminar on the topic "Internet of Things" on February 18, 2017. The speaker Mr. Shailesh Pratap Singh, currently working with Ericsson R&D as Senior System Manager apprised the audience about Internet of Things.

Internet of Things and its advent in the Telecom arena is going to be a turning point for the Telecom world taking its reach deeper into the lives of the common man. Telecom vendors like Ericsson have a special role in evolving the Telecom arena and its technologies to meet the requirements of the future and billions of connected devices.

The seminar was attended by 140 participants from the University and Technical Institutions around Allahabad.

IEEE Seminar on "Software Defined Networks" 18th November 2015

Centre of Computer Education, Institute of Professional Studies has organized a day-long Seminar on the topic "Software Defined Networking" on November 18, 2015. The speaker Dr. Mayank Pandey from MNNIT Allahabad apprised the audience about Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a networking paradigm that promises to enable network programmability and simplifies networking management as well. The basic concept of SDN is the decoupling of the data plane and the control plane, which exists together in the traditional networking elements. The control plane is programmable and is controlled by the network operators and the administrators. This gives them the power to change the networking policies and control over all the traffic flows. This is possible due to the fact that SDN hands over the control and policy functions of different networking devices to a single or multiple servers known as the controller. Besides the network abstraction, the SDN architecture provides a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that simplifies the implementation of common network services (like routing, multicast, security, access control, bandwidth management, traffic engineering, energy efficiency and various forms of policy management). In SDN, the network intelligence is logically centralized in software-based controllers (at the control plane), and network devices become the simple packet forwarding devices (the data plane) that can be programmed via an open interface. One of the early implementations of this open interface is called OpenFlow.

The programme was attended by 140 participants from the University and Technical Institutions around Allahabad. The programme ended by the distribution of certificates to the participants

Center of Media Studies- Script Writing Seminar 2nd to 4th October 2015

Center of Media Studies, University of Allahabad organized a Script-Writing Workshop for the students of BA in Media Studies 5th semester and PG Diploma in Photojournalism and Visual Communication from 2nd to 4th October, which was conducted by NDTV New Delhi's News Editor, Pridarshan. At the same time, another workshop on "Art of Writing" was also conducted for the 1st semester BA in Media Studies and B.Voc students by President of Mass Communication department, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University, Sanjay Dwivedi

IEEE Seminar on "Big Data: Challenges and Solutions" on October 06, 2015

Centre of Computer Education, Institute of Professional Studies has organized a day-long Seminar on the topic "Big Data: Challenges and Solutions" on October 06, 2015. The speaker Mr. Deep Pandey from M/S StudyBay Technologies Pvt Ltd. apprised the audience about Big Data, how it can be identified; what are the various sources of Data and the challenges related with the storage of Big Data and its processing. He introduced the Hadoop Framework and talked about the related Ecosystem ie., the various functional languages like PIG and the databases like NoSQL, MongoDB, etc. The programme was attended by 140 participants from the University and Technical Institutions around Allahabad

Portable Lab, Tablet Based Workshop -Tranforming Learning Through m-Education, 13th & 14th August 2013

To increase the employability of the students the Institute of Professional Studies, University of Allahabad has taken a new technology based initiative, of using mobile technology enabled learning solution for English proficiency and work-place skill. The initiative plans to utilize portable device (tablet) based language lab. mEducation represents a profound shift in the way education is delivered and received

mEducation is a technology-enabled learning solutions available to learners anytime, anywhere. Any portable device, such as a tablet, laptop or mobile phone, that provides access to educational content through mobile connectivity (2G, 3G, or 4G complemented by mobile-based Wi-Fi) can be a tool for mEducation.

Technology is changing our world in ways unimaginable even a decade ago. Mobile technology in particular has begun to permeate our daily lives, providing unparalleled access to information. It is also raising the quality of education and improving access to it. Early initiatives in mobile education, or "mEducation" are already enhancing learning outcomes worldwide. With growing availability and demand, mEducation is poised to become a USD 70 billion market by 2020.

The portable language lab consists of 21 Micromax tablets (20 student version + 1 teacher version), packed in a trolley (which provides storage, wireless access point, transportation & charging). Internet connectivity is provided through a CISCO router. The trolley also has a projector and speakers so that teacher can project from anywhere. The tablets are pre-loaded with the course work, EnglishEdge designed by LIQVID, a Noida based company. The tablets act as new age multimedia work book, favourite of 21st century learners.

mEducation offers three advantages with the potential to improve education delivery and thereby enhance learning outcomes:

  • It simplifies access to content and experts, overcoming traditional constraints of time, location and collaboration.
  • It personalizes education solutions for individual learners, helping educators customize the teaching process, using software and interactive media that adapt levels of difficulty to individual students' understanding and pace.

The Course provides interactive multimedia content keeping in mind the Indian context for:

  • Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking-based interactive activities and exercises covering Fluency & confidence building, Grammar - Tenses, Articles etc., Pronunciation, Accent Reduction, Comprehension issues and Written communications
  • Communication - personality, confidence, presentation etc. covering Verbal (incl. Tone), Narrative structures, Non - Verbal (Body language etc.), Group Discussions, Role plays, Interview, Presentation skills
  • Video Recording and playback enables students to reflect and learn on their own. Students can do a whole lot of project based learning exercises, like video shoot a conversation and comment. Class room based activities help teachers/students to shoot, play - pause - comment on personality and confidence over and above English communication skills.

There is a master teacher tablet that controls the activity of all the student tablets. This leads to an undivided attention of teacher to each of the student and hence is helpful in monitoring and regular feedback

For learners this is a unique opportunity, as everyone gets a chance to register their response to a particular question and hence is an equal participant in the classroom activity. This ensures that no student is devoid of the opportunity to learn and tablet becomes an invaluable companion for learning.

The other advantages of the Portable lab are:

  • Battery Powered Tablets ensures uninterrupted sessions
  • Portable Lab - No additional infrastructure/ space required

The programme is launched at Centre of Food Technology on 13th August 2013 through joint training programme of teachers and learners

Six days UGC-ASC's "Professional Development Programme" - 25th Feb to 2nd Mar, 2013"

Three days I-pad tablet based workshop on 10th, 11th and 12th Dec'2012 "

The Table form factor computers, which have proliferated in the last few years, are undoubtedly an exciting way to interact with technology, especially, when they are touch screen enabled. The intimacy and immediacy of the personal screen, the ease of use and intuitive design of modern touch screen operating systems greatly eases user fears and facilitates user adoption.

In view of the above a three day Training Programme on New Teaching Methods using i-Pad Applications was conducted by "Mr. Atul Pant" Co-Founder at Lifeskills Limited. UK. The scheduled training sessions were designed to give hands on creating a Personal Learning Environment using tools like Diigo, Understanding New Trends in Higher Education using Gamification, Virtual Museum etc, Enriching Learning by Creating Podcast/Screencast on i-Pad, Publishing on internet using Amazon, Prototype Awareness Campaign, Availing e-book repository and e-courses and Participation in Webinars.

The training was attended by the faculty members of the Centres of the Institute of Professional Studies who got at first hand experience on using i-pad and its applications as teaching aid. The programme concluding with the discussion on the Role of Teacher as Knowledge Curator, Designing Curriculum Suited for 21st Century Learning, Innovative Delivery and Making effective presentation.

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